Anti Reflection Coating (AR)

Anti Reflection Coating (AR)

Anti Reflection Coating (AR)


Our company is a reliable manufacturer of Optical Coating Processing specializing in Anti Finger Printing Coating, Anti Fog Glass, Anti Reflection Coating, Dichroic Filters, See Through Mirror, RGB Filter and Anti Glare Coating for many years.

  • Anti reflection coating, also known as AR coating, can reduce the reflection of light and increase the light transmission of glass or transparent substrates.

  • The light transmission of regular glass is approximately 91% and used in displays produces inverted images or reflections. Anti reflection technologies can reduce visual interference.

  • Yih Dar has over 10 years of experience in single layer and multilayer Anti Reflection Coating and can achieve transparent substrate light transmission of over 98% which is widely used in products such as touch panels, optomechanical high transmittance mirrors, displays, instrument windows, digital cameras, etc.

  • Product specifications can be adjusted to actual customer requirements.
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Product Application
Tablet PC, LCD Monitor, Windows, Lens, Optical Equipment
Glass, Quartz, Plastic (PC or PMMA)

Company hereby warrants to Customer that the Products shall, after acceptance by Customer, be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use, and shall, when properly used, provide the functions set forth in the agreed specification. In the event that Customer finds any above mentioned defects in the Products within ninety (90) days from the acceptance by Customer, (i) Customer will promptly notify Company in writing a detailed description of the alleged defects upon discovery of any defects in the Products, (ii) such Products are returned to Company factory, and (iii) Company's examination of such Products, according to its RMA procedure, reveals that such Products are indeed defective and defects are attributable solely to Company, then Company will, at its option, either repair, replace, or credit Customer up to the PO value for such defective Products.