Anti Finger Printing Coating (AFP)

Anti Finger Printing Coating (AF)

Anti Finger Printing Coating (AFP)


We are professional manufacturer of Optical Coating Processing, offering Anti Finger Printing Coating, Anti Glare Coating, Dichroic Filters, IR Cut, See Through Mirror, Anti Reflection Coating, Metal Coating and Hard Coating with high quality.

  • Anti Finger Printing Coating, abbreviated as AFP, is the newest manufacturing process developed by Yih Dar in 2011. It utilizes a vacuum coating process different from the other anti finger print spread coatings on the market.

  • In addition to being anti finger print, anti smudge, anti dust, water repellent, and anti oil, it can also resist oxidation and corrosion without affecting light transmission and abrasion resistance. This coating is also thinner and more even than spread coating.

  • Product specifications can be adjusted to actual customer requirements.
Product Application
Touch Panel
Comparison Table: Anti Finger Printing Coating Process
Process Type Electroplating
(Other Plant)
Polymer Composite Spread Coating
(Other Plant)
Vacuum Coating
(Yih Dar)
Primary Raw Material Chromium Fluoropolymer Fluoride
Applicable Substrate Metal Unlimited Unlimited
Process Selection Electroplating Spin Coating, Spray Gun Coating, Filming by soaking PVD
Operating Costs Low Medium Medium
Durability Permanent 3 Months ~ Permanent Permanent
Hardness After Processing > 6H According to Material According to Material
(Glass> 9H)
Coating Thickness(µm) 10 0.1~3 0.02~0.1
Degree of Environmental Pollution Serious Common Low

Glass, Plastic (PC or PMMA)
AF water droplets effect AF no water droplets effect

Company hereby warrants to Customer that the Products shall, after acceptance by Customer, be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use, and shall, when properly used, provide the functions set forth in the agreed specification. In the event that Customer finds any above mentioned defects in the Products within ninety (90) days from the acceptance by Customer, (i) Customer will promptly notify Company in writing a detailed description of the alleged defects upon discovery of any defects in the Products, (ii) such Products are returned to Company factory, and (iii) Company's examination of such Products, according to its RMA procedure, reveals that such Products are indeed defective and defects are attributable solely to Company, then Company will, at its option, either repair, replace, or credit Customer up to the PO value for such defective Products.
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