Company Profile

Company Profile

Business Philosophy

Yih Dar's corporate culture was derived from the long term nurturing of its business philosophy. Yih Dar's business philosophy is people-oriented and reflects "innovation" and "quality" on a foundation of "Integrity".

1. Integrity
"Integrity" is the most basic concept of business management. This company upholds the principle of integrity and the promises made to customers, suppliers, employees, and shareholders. Only integrity can allow a company to win the eternal trust of shareholders, customers, and employees, achieve the goal of sustainable management, and enhance the core values of business.

2. Innovation
"Innovation" is a company's survival tool in a quickly changing environment. From its inception, Yih Dar was founded on innovation, competitive pricing, stable manufacturing processes, strict quality control, and the continuous research and development of new high quality products. We deeply believe customer satisfaction and creating higher customer value are our highest honors.

3. Quality
"Quality" is a requirement for building corporate value and is also a way to maintain customer loyalty. Insisting on every detail is the foundation of long-term development. From raw material delivery, processing, to inspection and shipment, a highly experienced production line overseer combined with verification checks performed with professional instruments, strictly implement personnel and quality management to satisfy the customers' stringent product requirements. Yih Dar spares no effort in its insistence on quality.
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