Company Profile

Company Profile

Core Culture and Strategy

1. Marketing Strategy
In the face of fierce global competition, other than technological enhancement, market sales and promotion are also an important part of success. This company relies on many years of marketing experience to assist foreign and domestic companies sell its products to support development through a positive cycle and to build partnerships with collaborating companies to create win-win situations.

2. Diversification Strategy
The market changes quickly. Yih Dar possesses extensive knowledge and experience and can provide appropriate recommendations in the customer's design stage. Through good design and manufacturing capacity, Yih Dar widely uses coating technology in different fields and its diversification strategy achieves and accumulates resources from various sectors.

3. Production Strategy
The optical coating industry is a knowledge-intensive, technology-intensive, and capital-intensive industry. However, optical filters with the same optical specifications will express different results regarding other characteristics (i.e. surface quality, reliability) due to the utilization of different coating equipment and different process parameters. In order to satisfy the demands of every customer, every product requires professional technicians combined with high-efficiency production equipment and scientific method for quality improvements and excellence.

4. Financial Strategy
When this company was first established its scale was relatively small. As the company grew in the past several years, it accumulated operating experience, professional talent, and technological development to nurture new market opportunities and visibility. Stable customer growth induced increases in sales volume. Yih Dar is currently relatively mature in terms of production technologies and the various aspects of management which entails increased corporate financing capabilities. Diversified financing channels provide sufficient funding for future development targeted to the win-win-win scenario of achieving sales growth, profit growth, and shareholder equity growth.

Yih Dar provides customer with products with competitive strength through world class quality and reasonable pricing. It also ensures customers can receive maximum benefits in an era where every second counts through stable supply chains and precise delivery schedules.
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