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Yih Dar Technologies Co., Ltd. was established in Shiow Shoei Shaing, Changhua County of Taiwan in November, 1994 and is a manufacturer of professional optical lenses. When first established, Yih Dar focused on glass surface treatment technologies. After developing related techniques, vacuum coating became the core technology employed. Yih Dar commenced business diversification by investing in optical lens development with a product application scope not only including 3C and the automotive industry but also gradually branching out into the people's livelihood industry and the defense medical field.

Yih Dar specializes in Optical Coating Processing, Glass Processing and Automotive Blue Mirrors, providing Anti Finger Printing Coating, Blue Mirror, Glass Edging, Anti Reflection Coating, See Through Mirror, etc.

Since its establishment, Yih Dar has relied on unique technology as a core competitive strength. The business grows quickly and orders increase continuously. In order to satisfy the ordering demands of customers around the world, Yih Dar plans to expand operations in 2013. In the area of tangible assets, the company will significantly increase capital expenditures to purchase new plants and equipment necessary for production. In the area of intangible assets, the company plans to hire more professional technical personnel to satisfy the needs of production. Yih Dar hopes to apply these measures to raise this company's competitive strength to the next level, widen the gap with competitors, and provide customers with more accurate professional glass coating technology and more precise delivery schedules. This planned industrial upgrade promotion will be able to achieve customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, shareholder satisfaction, and the ultimate goal of "happy industry" that the management of this company is committed to building.

Established: November 1994
Founder: Fu-Hsin Tsai
Address: 2F, No 669, Sec 4, Chunghsing Road, Chudung, Hsinchu County, Taiwan, 310
Scope of Business: Optical Coating, Surface Coating Processing, Glass Cutting and Edging Processing

Optical Coating Manufacturer

YIH DAR Technologies Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of Optical Coating since its establishment in 1994.  We provide Silver Mirror Coating, Rearview Blue Mirror, Anti Reflection Coating, Metal Coating, Anti Finger Printing Coating and See Through Mirror, all with high quality and reasonable price.  In addition, we also specialize in Glass Processing, Anti Glare Coating, Hard Coating, Vacuum Coating and Aluminum Mirror Coating.  Please feel free to contact us if you are looking for superior Optical Products and Automotive Blue Mirror.

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